Blessed to Be a Blessing

by Connie Norsworthy
In 1973, Neil and I got married. Both of us had accepted Christ as our Savior, but we grew up in different churches. After we got married, we started looking for a church that we could be a part of and enjoy as a couple. We visited several churches but we were not finding the right fit.  We wanted a church close to home so we could attend regularly and our family could grow in our walk with God.

In February 1981, Tracy, our second daughter was born and our prayers for a church were answered. A neighbor came by one day and told us about a new church in Yukon. The church was so new that the sanctuary wasn’t finished.  We had our service in what is now fellowship hall. As I sat in that church for the first time, I knew our prayers were answered and that we had found our church home.  We joined the church two years later.

So, what does 40 years look like for us?

In 1982 we moved into the sanctuary which had bright red carpet.  Since then God has blessed CCC to be able to refurbish many areas of our building.
Our daughters grew up at CCC. God worked in their lives through the Sunday school, Awana and TRUTH student ministries. They both accepted Christ and were baptized. We are so grateful to God that both girls have grown into godly women and along with their husbands are teaching their children about Jesus.

God has graciously blessed us through these forty years as we have participated in opportunities for fellowship in small group Bible studies, Community Groups and various church gatherings and events.

Why 40 years at Covenant Community Church?

First, it’s the teaching. The first thing I learned when we came to CCC was the importance of having a daily quiet time. It has changed the way Neil and I interact with God on a daily basis and helped us to build a solid relationship with Jesus.

For me, the most important thing about the teaching at CCC is that God’s Word is the truth. It’s not added to, subtracted from, sugar coated, or watered down in order to fit into the culture of the day.  It’s the absolute Word of God.  I’ve learned that if I feel uncomfortable or I’m struggling with something presented that morning in church that I need to pray and rectify where I am in my walk with Jesus. That uncomfortable feeling tells me that God is working on me. I have never left this church on Sunday morning without learning something new or understanding a verse with a new perspective. I greet Sunday mornings with anticipation as to what I will learn and add to my understanding of God’s Word.

Second, it’s the people. Through the years, Neil and I have been blessed by the people God has brought to this body. We learned so much through the ministry of Jack and Jodi Hough, Mike and Tomi Sue Fisher and many others.

The people of CCC are our church family. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for us, encourage us and build relationships with us. They have loved us through both the good and the hard times.

I am learning what it means that we are blessed to be a blessing as I see this body reach out to prepare and serve meals for those who are sick or have lost a loved one, through watching people serve in the community and step out to help meet needs. Several years ago, we met a young lady that came to our church with the Bike & Build program. She was seriously injured on the bike road trip. This church family reached out to her family and really blessed them in their time of need. This young lady has fully recovered and is riding a bike again.

In the forty years that we have been in this church, we have seen people give their lives to Jesus and grow in the truth of the Word. We have seen children grow up, graduate from school, marry and have families of their own, including our two daughters. We have been greatly blessed with five grandchildren. We have been blessed as we have witnessed our church family doing the work that God has called us to do - to be a light in a world of darkness.

For forty years, Neil and I have been blessed by God, this church and all of you!