God's Hand in My Life

by Mark Bottrell

As a believer trying to live obediently, I look to see God’s work in everything, literally. It is always easier to see it in hindsight, but I want to experience it in real time if possible.

When I do, there is a peace that is beyond my understanding. Wherever I am, I know He is with me; caring for me, loving me, protecting me from this dark world and even from myself.

There have been some life events that Harriet and I have had in the last few months that once again have made God’s presence and love very real. These things are somewhat common experiences, but the details lined up in a way that makes God’s hand in them undeniable. The skeptics could disagree, but as one who does not believe in coincidence or luck, I must agree that He is living and active in our lives.

April 3rd I had an “ordinary” knee replacement. It could not have gone better. I had an excellent surgeon, quality care, and a good rehabilitation. It was a bit uncomfortable for several weeks, but still, no regrets. However, it was how easily things lined up that made us confident in the decision to go forward. Insurance issues, schedules and other timing makes me confident that God had his hand on this from start to finish.

May 10th I was terminated from my employer of 14 years. I was asked to come to my supervisor’s office and while I slowly hobbled down the hallway, I had a feeling about what was going to happen. When I entered the room, there was HR, and I became very excited. My boss told me how much he appreciated my work, but all I could think of as this was taking place is what God had for Harriet and me next! This job had been God’s blessing to us time and time again. I refused to ask why this was happening. Instead, I just could not wait to see what was next, knowing whatever it was He was part of it. That brought a peace that transcended my understanding.

I made a call to a vendor I had been working on a project with for more than a year to tell him I had been terminated and that I had no idea what would happen to the project due to my termination. He paused and asked if I could be in his office the next day at 10. After a few weeks of talking to others and focused prayer, I accepted an offer of employment. I work in the oil and gas industry and currently jobs can be very scarce. It is literally undeniable that God had his hand on this as well. I had no idea I had been interviewing for a job with this organization for the previous 14 months.

In December, Harriet and I decided to build a new home. It was time to downsize and build for a different purpose - one level and more space to host more people. We needed to sell our current home before moving into the new home, but we were in no hurry, the new home should finish in January 2020. A young family heard about our home and came to look at it. They liked it and made an offer to purchase it. We accepted their offer with a contingency of the sale of their home. They called their realtor and the realtor bought it. Now it was time to find a place to live for a few months while waiting on the new house to finish. My sister-in-law had spent some time with us long ago and offered to share her home with us. We accepted her gracious offer and have been there several weeks. It is working out much better than I had anticipated. God’s hand had made a way around every obstacle.

My point about looking for, anticipating and seeing God’s hand in real time is that it takes the anxiety away while replacing it with excitement. These are simple choices, not at all easy, but choices none the less. If we truly believe in a sovereign God, we should not expect less.

I pray that you see God’s hand in all parts of your lives, and this will bolster your faith to a strength that others will see and long for. One of our missions is to live in a way that is honoring and glorifying to God.