Through Open Doors

by Scarlett Bottrell
Recently I have experienced something I have never experienced before. I have always enjoyed my work, my friends, my church - all these things. But I have never been as excited as I am now because of the path I find myself on. I enjoyed sports growing up. I grew up in a Christian home. I am blessed with incredible parents and siblings. I thought life really couldn’t get any better. I try to always have a happy, ‘go with the flow’ attitude about anything and everything I am involved in. I just didn’t really have a clear path of what to do in life, I felt, - until now. I wholeheartedly believe and trust that God’s plan is good. I have always tried to shine the light of Christ wherever He has me. But now I feel this is more true than ever.
In a recent conversation with my hairstylist, she asked me if I had ever thought about cutting hair. She asked because she said she has seen my creativity and my ability to relate to and enjoy people all my life. I began to pray specifically about what I should do and where I should go because of that conversation. Until then, I thought I had surrendered to God and His will for me. But this was different. I began praying that He would open doors and also praying for courage that I would actually do my part and walk through those doors. Man, those doors weren’t closing. So I kept walking through them.
I took the first step and applied. I filled out all the fun paperwork. I went on interviews. Completed more paperwork. Before I knew it, I walked out of the establishment that would become my school and that I now look forward to attending daily. The Lord knew I needed to act fast because He knows how I respond to things. If I had taken extra time to sit and think about it, I wouldn’t be getting an education now. I would’ve wigged myself out-pun intended. I cannot and do not want to get over watching how my Lord has faithfully provided for and directed me, in the conversations I have, the people I’ve met and the connections that I now have.

I am very excited about where God will take me from here. How could I fail if I’m where God wants me to be? I look forward to the people I will meet, become close to, witness to, and be a light to. I pray my career will become a ministry where I can live a model of obedience to God in front of everyone whose paths I cross.