I Am His

by Caitlin McGee
I honestly never thought we’d find ourselves back in this spot as a family, and if we’re being honest, I never wanted to be back in this spot. Looking back, this wasn’t the plan at all.

I grew up in church, raised in a family that loved the Lord with parents that incorporated the Gospel on a consistent basis in our home. I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was five. By all accounts, I was your typical good little “Christian kid”. That was, until my world was rocked, and then there was a choice. Head knowledge didn’t matter anymore. Head knowledge had to become heart belief in a season where grandparents were passing away, and our family took in foster kiddos. This season of foster care rocked our world and sent us for one turbulent ride. We have a laundry list of “what not to do” when fostering as a family, but one thing is for sure, when our foster brother left after we thought we would get to adopt him, it left a deep hurt. Personally, I wanted no part of foster care any longer- it just hurt too much.

Fast forward 10 years, and here we are- getting ready to adopt our little foster boy. By no means have we navigated this anywhere near perfectly, but over the past year, I’ve come to see God in a totally different light. As we’ve fostered, the concept of being adopted into God’s family has been brought to light in a powerful way. In the roller coaster of a ride we’ve been on this past year, there have been countless tears, breaking points, and frustrations. But in all that, we still fiercely love our little guy. That love, as great as it may be, is minor in comparison to how Jesus feels about us, about me. When I go my own way, or follow after frivolous things of my flesh, it hurts Him, BUT he loves anyways. I was separated by sin, but because of Jesus, I’m now an adopted Child of the King. I’m not entitled to this adoption and the benefits that come with it but have been given this adoption by grace. This truth, the truth of my identity, changes everything. I have an inheritance (Eph. 1:18). I am saved by grace (Eph. 2:8-9). I am chosen. Earthly definitions or status’ hold no weight against being a daughter of the Lord Most High. That’s the highest compliment, position, status of all. I get to cry out, “Abba Father” to the King of the Universe. What an astounding truth that changes everything. I am adopted. I am chosen. I am His.

Resources: Russell Moore, Adopted for Life: The priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches.
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