Marriage Statement

Marriage is God's Gift

God’s gift of marriage is something that is beautiful and sacred. According to Genesis 2 God is the originator of marriage, it was His idea from the beginning.
It’s His plan that we follow when He says marriage is between one man and one woman. In the New Testament marriage is said to be a picture of the
relationship between Christ and the church. It’s the gospel that we display and live out within the context of marriage.

Here We Stand

Here We Stand is an Evangelical Declaration on Marriage that has been adopted by thousands of churches across our country in response to the
Supreme Court ruling on marriage. It is not just an angry reaction, but expresses love for people regardless of their sexual orientation and practice.
What God says is sin, no matter whose sin is in view, is never in the best interests of that person, whether heterosexual or homosexual. This isn’t being judgmental;
it is seeking to honor God and act in love. We are not a community of the righteous condemning the sexually wayward, but rather we are all sinners. We share a common problem – sin; and a common hope – the Good News that by God’s grace all sins, can be confessed, repented of and forgiven because of the death of Jesus Christ.

Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement affirms God’s design for marriage as “a covenantal, sexual, procreative, lifelong union of one man and one woman."

Here We Stand Declaration

Nashville Statement

The Danvers Statement

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