Ladies' Thursday AM Studies

Empowered Yesterday and Today

By Love God Greatly

June 22 - July 27

Bonnie Tschetter will be leading the next Loving God Greatly study entitled "Empowered Yesterday & Today". This 6-week, online study will dig into the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit empowered the early church each and every day as they told the world about Jesus. Through trials, persecution, and difficulty, the disciples spread the message of Christ with boldness and persistence. The same power that enabled the early church to preach the gospel enables us to spread the gospel today. As you study the Book of Acts you will find many examples of God’s faithfulness and the boldness of the disciples, all the while being encouraged to continue to spread the gospel in your personal sphere of influence. This study will begin Monday, June 22. You will join a FB page "Love God Greatly Covenant Group" to join discussions with other ladies as they share what God is saying to them through His Word. If you desire a journal book to follow along with, go to Loving God Greatly and order one from their store. (You can also sign up on that site to receive blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Contact the church at 405.354.9338 to find out how to join the Facebook Group.

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