High School

Our High School ministry consists of students in 9th-12th grade. For our High School students it is our desire that in our ministry they will establish good friendships, learn and apply biblical principles to their lives, and adopt a missional lifestyle, in which they share their faith with others and serve those around them.

Wednesday Night TRUTH

Meet at 6:30 pm in the TRUTH Room (E8) for worship, fellowship and teaching from the Word.

Community Groups: Grades 9th - 12th

Sundays 11 am-12 pm meet in E8 in the East Building.

On Sunday mornings the goal for the High School is fellowship, fun, and hearing foundational truths from God’s Word.

Family Groups

Our family groups are a place to grow. Grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord, grow with each other, and grow with leaders who care about our success - both our personal and spiritual lives. Our family groups take place in a few homes across our area and have a mixture of students 9-12 grade. They are predominantly divided based on geography. The group time will involve fellowship with food and games, time in the word discussing what we’re reading through, and accountability.

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