Purpose:to equip and unify the body of CCC around the core truths of what a disciple of Jesus Christ is.
January 2019: Begin January 27th and run 5-6 weeks. (Limited Space per class)

Big Questions: Ever feel unsure about how to think Biblically about the current challenges to our faith? How does a believer face the challenges in our world and hold to a biblical worldview? Come discuss current issues and lean what we believe as we interact and learn to love and understand those that think differently about the world than us.

Taught by Randy Wheeler and Rick Moore

Identity: Have you ever felt like the Christian life isn’t working for you anymore? Frustrated with the endless struggle to break the cycle of past failure? Wondering if there is a better way than just trying harder and beating yourself up for not doing better? Sound familiar? Interact with us as we find out the truth about who we are, who God is, and the difference it can make in our lives.

Taught by Ron Jarrett and Kelly McGee

Connecting with God: Are you hungry for “more of God” but not sure how to find Him? Have your attempts at personal Bible reading or prayer felt more like a stale obligation rather than an enticing relationship? Interact with fellow strugglers who are finding how to break God out of the “Sunday box” in order to enjoy Him 24/7.

Taught by Lowell Entz and Al Cronin


How big will the groups be?
* Groups will range in size from 15-20 people per interactive group.

When will these classes take place?
* Interactive Groups will take place during Community Group hour for 5-6 weeks. Participants will leave their Community Group for this period of time.

What can I expect from these classes?
* These groups will be interactive and engaging. This will not be a sit and listen class but an engaging discussion and interaction as we all learn together.

Can I just try out a group?
* We are asking that you commit to the entirety of the group when deciding to come to a class.

Where are the classes meeting?
* Big Questions will meet in A3; Identity will meet in N11; Connecting with God will meet in E3.

How do I sign up?
* Sign ups will be available in the foyer or here online by filling out and submitting the form below. Please specify which group you would like to sign up for.

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