Core Groups

Purpose Statement

The goal of Core Groups is to gather regularly with a small group of people of the same gender, to press in together as disciples of Jesus, and exercise the essential commands, disciplines, and practices of the Christian life.

We don’t want to be people who just hear the Word without putting it into practice.  We believe the following four practices can produce positive spiritual fruit for the time and context in which we are called to follow Jesus.  We hope this acronym will help you  remember these practices without the need for extensive study and curriculum.


 Confession   Outreach    Reading   Encouragement

If you would like more information about Core Groups, need help getting a group started or would like to be placed in a Core Group,  contact Zac Niles, Pastor of  Family & Discipleship, at 354-9338 or

If you would like to start a Core Group you can pick up a CORE Group booklet at the Welcome Booth or download one below and get started now!

Core Group Booklet